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куплю профнастил UA Observer (4 years 5 months ago)

Great article . Will definitely apply it to my website

Debora UA Observer (4 years 7 months ago)

Noel, it is a great post thanks for writing it!

Ann UA Observer (4 years 7 months ago)

All I can say is WOW!! You have stunned me with the amount a valuable reading here UA Observer (4 years 7 months ago)

Great article . Will definitely apply it to my site UA Observer (4 years 8 months ago)

Thank you for this valuable post. It changed my mindThank you for this valuable post. It changed my attitude

muslema KW Voted for ISLAM (4 years 8 months ago)

Islam is humanity Please go and read about islam not just take one word from your media be fair.

joshan SA Voted for ISLAM (4 years 9 months ago)

Jewish.. they are not even human

Hony SA Observer (4 years 10 months ago)

Humanity it\'s mening eslam exactly

@meeds GB Voted for HUMANITY (4 years 11 months ago)

Real Freedonm is the Choice to decide what is true for yourself. Islam NEVER gives people that freedom of choice. It indoctinates peoples Minds & tells them what & how to think. Thats not Humanity, thats not even submission, thats SLAVERY of the Soul.

meeds Voted for ISLAM (4 years 11 months ago)

Islam is humanity

Salafis prefer $ to Muhammad Observer (5 years 9 days ago)

Thats pure fun - Salafis prefer $ to Muhammad: \"Bikinis are welcome in Egypt and booze is still being served,\" Zaazou, speaking in English, told a news conference during a visit to the United Arab Emirates. \"We had talks with these Salafi groups and now they understand the importance of the tourism sector\". DONT GO TO EGYPT, LET SALAFIS KEEP THEIR PRINCIPLES. LET MUHAMMAD FEED THEM

SALAH ALDIN Observer (5 years 24 days ago)


Lalaine Observer (5 years 26 days ago)

Short, sweet, to the point, FREE-exactly as information sohuld be!

Asylhan FR Observer (5 years 28 days ago)

A truly scientific apcoparh Understanding is our motive force.As the saying goes Fais ce que dois, advienne que pourra VN:F [1.9.20_1166]please wait...VN:F [1.9.20_1166](from 0 votes)

Pepewa Observer (5 years 28 days ago)

My knee-jerk reaction is to say that there\'s no free will, no point to life, so don\'t think about it , but since you seem to have put a lot of thgohut into the article, I\'ll try do do the same in my commentYou and me are in a specific situation: we are part of a group of people who see it as an active goal to understand the universe. Every scientist plays a part. So there\'s YOUR answer right there.By extention, that means that the goal of everyone else is to create a situation where

Raju PL Observer (5 years 28 days ago)

This is what we need - an insight to make eervyone think

Gabriel JP Observer (5 years 29 days ago)

What I find so itneresitng is you could never find this anywhere else.

Smertin Observer (5 years 29 days ago)

Hi ,entha puthiya kaohyatnnum ille,Nammude Katthi prasu , Akki cheeran, nattaravi, iniyum ethra katha pathrangal alle. It was areal gud time . Missed !!!!!!!!!!!VA:F [1.9.7_1111]please wait...(1 vote cast)VA:F [1.9.7_1111](from 1 vote)

Agus AE Observer (5 years 29 days ago)

sorry, no tova niama ni6to ob6to s xolandskia sos ili sauce hoadlnlaise .tova e sos s maslena osnova-t.e. ot iz4isteno maslo, kakto i jeltatzi. bra6noto niama nikakva rabota tuk. proizvodni na tozi sos sa sauce bearnaise ,kam koito se pribavia i estragon, bialo vino i 4eren piper, i sos choron , kam koito se razbiva nakraia i domateno pure.Molia vi- ne pi6ete gluposti! pozdravi miroVA:F [1.9.11_1134](from 0 votes)

Banki AR Observer (5 years 1 month ago)

The question shuld be USA Vs Humanity..

By: DOVE, May 1, 2009


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